You can contact me at 01843 597200 or 0780 7727 909 or my e-mail address: harry.rowland@yahoo.co.uk or 62 Highfield Road, Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 6QT

Harry Rowland is an established UK wheel builder living in Ramsgate, Kent and can build any set of wheels to your specification.

A pair of hand built wheels is one of the best investments you can make to a bicycle. Whether it be for your commuter bike, tourer, MTB or fully fledged racing bike a pair of good wheels can really make all the difference. Wheels built with all types of components and for all ranges of prices, from less than £200 to over £1000. 

There are so many different combinations that can be be used to build your wheel and it will depend on what you want to use your wheels for, and on which sort of bike you want to put them on. A commuter would want a heavier rim whilst a racer might want a light weight rim as weight is a big issue. Prices start at around £190 for a set of wheels.

News (Announcements)

In an effort to reduce my working hours, I am now working only three days per week.  (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9am to 5pm, NO WEEKENDS.

I am known for building sensible and reliable wheels and for this reason I am sticking to...

  • RIMS:  MAVIC, AMBROSIO and a few RIGIDA's. 
  • HUBS:  CAMPAG, ROYCE, NOVATEC, SHIMANO, MICHE & a few unbranded single speed hubs from Taiwan. 



  • I don't take payment until I have all the parts and am ready to start building.
  • If the parts are in stock I may build without payment.
  • The exception to this is if I need to order in Parts that I do not stock, only then will I ask for a deposit.
  • I prefer a Bank Transfer but cheques are OK. 
  • I DO NOT take DEBIT or CREDIT Cards.


  • Black Spokes  -  I now stock limited numbers of Black spokes.

Black SAPIM spokes are sold in even lengths only and I work with 1mm increments e.g.  build Record on Mavic Open Pro 32 Hole is 296mm Front and 295mm/293mm rear.  I cannot buy 295mm or 293mm.

Some wheels use even lengths front and rear,so I can use black spokes.  But as always I like to get things perfect,1MM long or short is not a problem but it bothers me.

  • The black will fade or wear off over time leading to complaints.
  • The Black spokes demand is low, thus might not always be in stock, ring me.


If you are sending used HUBS can you please clean and check before sending to me.  Sometimes, I do find HUBS with cracks.


Alloy becomes brittle with age, so even new stock can crack when building or shortly after.  As long as you are aware of the Risks in using alloy, I will build them. 

SON DELUX and Shutter Dyno Hubs have a very narrow flange to flange measurement and don't buid in to 700c rims well.  They are weak, unstable or even possibly unsafe.  I WOULD NOT build it, so please don't ask me. 

SON 28 & Klassic are fine with 700cc rims.


Uneven lengths only, I will only build fronts if the uneven length is perfect.


I do not sell Carbon Wheels.  If you want to supply the parts; I might build depending on what you ask for?  The same goes for Alloy Rims that I do not sell...

HUB/RIM Compatiability

The standard flange to flange measurement is around 57mm IE Campag, Shimano, this works well with rims like Mavic Open Pro but if used with some deep rims then the spokes bend at the nipple leading to breaks at the nipple.

Hubs like DT and Power tap have a flange to flange of 50mm/52mm and if build on this a rim like Mavic Open Pro will build a weak wheel.  This type of hub is better with a deeper stiffer rim.


  • See hubs or rims with regular problems.
  • No spares back up.
  • If I can offer a better option at the same price or less
  • Sold online at a price I cannot and WILL NOT match.

What type of Wheels do I sell

I prefer to sell wheels with a proven record for reliable service and will avoid anything too light.  I will build almost anything for the trade (without my sticker), as this gives me the chance to try new parts without the risk. 

Harry's current thoughts on wheels:
You've come to the right place.  I am focused on building bicycle wheels and wheel related products and provide extremely high quality products and services through careful quality control and parts selection. Every wheel that I build goes through a rigorous measurement, inspection, and adjustment process.

The focus is on bicycle wheels and wheel-related products. 
My goal is to provide extremely high quality products and services through careful quality control and parts selection. Every wheel that I build goes through a rigorous measurement, inspection, and adjustment process. These procedures ensure that each wheel meets the exacting standards for radial and lateral runout, as well as maximum spoke tension and most importantly, tension uniformity. While this process consumes a considerable amount of time, I feel it is the only way to guarantee that your wheels are reliable and perform to their potential.

You get the wheel that best fits you.
At the heart of every successful wheel build is an understanding of my customer’s needs. Because every application is unique, I believe it is necessary to communicate with each customer prior to beginning a custom wheel build. This process allows me to help my  customers to select ideal components based upon riding style, weight, durability, and of course budget.

Uniform spoke tension is the heart of every perfect wheel.
Spoke tension uniformity is critical to maximum power transfer and durability of high performance wheels. Although you can purchase wheels that appear straight, it is impossible to determine uniform spoke tension by observation. Few wheel builders have the equipment, experience, or the time necessary to ensure tension uniformity. My build process includes extensive spoke stress relief, careful tension measurements, and meticulous adjustment.  The end result is a perfect structure that efficiently transfers power and maintains its integrity after thousands of cycling miles.