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Magazine reviews include:

By Paul Vincent
These wheels from popular British wheel builder Harry Rowland are excellent for general purpose road racing and sportive use. They follow the classic 32-hole/three-cross design on which all road rolex replica racing wheels were based before radical new designs such as the Rolf Vector and Mavic Ksyrium arrived.

Rowland normally builds with Ambrosio hubs but we asked for Italian PMP cartridge bearing hubs that are also a Rowland favourite, together with Excellight rims that have spoke eyelets to reinforce their wafer-thin aluminium construction.

In preference to DT’s Race spokes we speciļ¬ed the lighter Sapim Laser butted spokes that have a greater ‘glint’ factor in the sunlight than the others – plus they’re of a length that is stocked by most bike shops, making crash repairs a relatively painless process.

The thin swiss replica watches spokes did give rise to brake rub on steeper climbs, but the small amount of vertical compliance was welcome over poorly surfaced roads and the wheels remained perfectly true during the test period.

April/Mays 2002 CTC Cycling:-

Magazine carries a review of a pair of 'Toad' wheels built by Harry and available through the CTC shop.

Cycling Plus January 2002 Edition:

Best of the year article:

Touring Wheels "Well respected hoopmeister Mr Rowland scored well with his Mavic X517/Sapin/XT wheels; top quality, ideal for audax"

And in a review of lightweight bikes "For £1250 you can get a pair of LEW's Atlanta clincher rims built into wheels by the highly reputable Harry Rowland"

Cycling Plus Christmas 2001 Edition:

In reference to someone who's wheel was starting to break spokes:- "Broken spokes are a sure sign that it's time for new wheels or at the very least a re-spoke using stainless steel spokes - that is if the existing rim and hub are good enough. Check out you local shops' wheelbuilders or the likes of replica watches Harry Rowland (01843 597443)" Sound familiar???

Cycling Plus April 2001 Edition 117:-

Touring Wheels: 26" 32H Mavic X517, Sapin 14/16g DB, Shimano Deore XT £146.70

"Harry Rowland's wheels feature some of the highest spoke tensions on test and the spoke tensions are very even. Spoke wind up had been completely controlled; not a single twang was heard when they were ridden and the build accuracy was excellent. The Mavic X517 rims have reasonably thick walls and the XT hubs feature excellent sealing. These wheels with just 32 spokes are definitely on the light side for loaded touring; for Audax or day touring they would be great." : Beautifully built light wheels for lighter loads. 9/10 and Cycling + Recommended buy.